Putting your child first

At Brooklyn Day Nursery in Nottingham, the pre-school development of your child as an individual is fostered through engagement with peers. We will guide your child into interacting and playing alongside other children in a polite and well behaved manner. Call us now for more details about our childcare services. 

Childcare principles

At Brooklyn Day Nursery in Nottingham, your child will be encouraged to ask questions, state their point of view and respect the opinions of others as they move towards independent learning.
A child playing
Food table

Catering for all needs

Your child's well-being is our number one priority, so all dietary needs are catered for. We also provide potty training and we agree on sleep patterns with parents for each child.

Caring for your child

We believe that childcare and preschool development should be a partnership between parents and educators. In other words, we are caring for your child for 'you', and it is our philosophy to continue, as far as possible, any established routines such as sleeping patterns and weaning programmes.

Call us now for more information about our forest school and childcare services.
"This is a fantastic place for little minds and little fingers, the children always have something different to do. My son loves being outdoors and at Brooklyn Day Nursery he gets so much opportunity to enjoy the woods and play area. I judge the day he has had by how dirty he is at home time, the dirtier the more fun he has had. But that doesn't mean he isn't learning; quite the opposite, he counts brilliantly, knows his colours and a lot of phonetic sounds, what an amazing place. The staff are all lovely and friendly and I have no worries about leaving him in their care. I only wish he could stay there for his infant school years too. Highly recommended."
- Dawn Meakin-Kauth
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